The Importance of Balance

October 28, 2014

I often get asked 'how much weight will I lose on the camps' or 'how soon before I have lost a couple of dress sizes...'


I will always answer honestly, that all depends on you! 

If you're prepared to put in what's required of you in order to get results that you want....

That means it's not only about the exercise, yes that's important but let me tell you something here, when I was posted in the Army and posted to the Falklands for 6 months I exercised AT LEAST 5 times per week.  I should have been slim right? I shouldn't have put on any weight right?

WRONG!! I might have been training, a LOT, I was also having several late nights and eating poor choices of food and worst of all DRINKING ALCOHOL!!

Sure I love a glass of vino, everyone that knows me know's that I won't deny it!

BUT I do know that when I need to get back into shape and in order to lose weight I have to really make those changes to get results.

If you're on the camps now and you're not losing anything — have a think, are you really making the changes you should be in order to get there?

Another thing to point out is sleep quality — when you drink the quality of sleep you get is much worse, plus you become really dehydrated — you crave sh*t food and coffee/tea just to get you through the day.  This makes it worse because you become even more dehydrated and now you're fuelling your body with crap.  Ever noticed after a period of drinking too much alcohol and eating crappy foods that you start to feel like death? How many of you have a cold on a Monday that's pretty much gone by a Wednesday..... (a busy weekend could be to blame there)!  You need to be getting good quality sleep and without alcohol.  Sure have a night out, I'd be a hypocrite if I said not to, BUT understand that for each night out or each binge it will take you one or more steps away from your goal — dependent on how big the binge is!

You can't expect to lose weight if you're only doing a couple of exercise sessions a week and not looking after what you put into your body.  If you're new to the camp it's important to follow the camp nutrition.

If you do have a night out coming up — pace yourself, drink water in between, choose less sugary drinks and eat before you go out to stop you from craving the pizza/kebab etc on the way home!! 
Drink some water before you go to bed and again on waking up and throughout the day — go straight back into eating healthily so that you don't feel like death!  Go do some physical exercise to sweat it out of you, be sure to rehydrate though!

Balance is key, eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly! If you get stressed quite easily then exercise can be a great stress relief!

It's not rocket science and there is no magic pill to help you get there, just a CAN DO attitude and an end goal in site :) 

Set yourself fitness challenges rather than weight loss challenges, you'll be surprised how much less you'll have to work on being the size you want to be the fitter you become — but remember, you have to put in the right food and allow for adequate rest a good night sleep where you can — if like me you have kids then just try to get as much sleep as you can on a night!

If you are getting a few injuries then be sure to include a good stretch program such as yoga/Pilates and if you're on track to your goals, why not treat yourself to a massage each month, it's a great way to release stress and built up toxins within the body but can help you to feel great. 

If you've never tried meditation and are a very busy person, something like this could help you free your mind too.

Anyway I've babbled on for long enough now!

Keep smashing it and working towards those health and fitness goals

Love Debbie











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