Q- I haven't exercised for ages is the boot camp ok for me, will I be the unfittest there?

A- yes of course its for you, we have a complete mixture from the beginner to the regular exerciser – there are all different levels here on the camp you find a level that suits you and build up your progression.


Q- Is there a lot of running?

A - There isn't a lot of running although we do have several short bursts included as its great for fat loss.


Q - What kind of exercises are used in the boot camp?

A - we only use exercises that have a massive impact on the metabolic rate, after all we want quick results don't we!!


Q - Will I Ache?

A - After the first few sessions - yes, you're likely to ache a fair bit, sitting down and walking down the stairs might become a bit of a challenge! But stick with it as you become stronger very quickly and by the second week the aches should subside - it'll be worth it in the end!!



Q - Do I have to sign up for either the morning sessions or the evening sessions, or can I mix them up?

A – Although you are required to purchase the location for your boot camp you can mix the sessions up to suit your current commitments, you’re welcome attend more than the three required sessions if you wish, although I wouldn't recommend it until you've been attending for a few weeks!


Q - How much weight will I lose?

A - Weight loss will differ from one person to the next, it really depends on the individual and how much effort is put in.  My motto is you get out what you put in - put in maximum effort, you'll achieve fantastic results.  Weight loss will differ from one person to the next, some people may lose 14lbs in 28 days whereas others may only lose 4-5 lbs but may still lose over 4 inches off the waist!


Q- What exercise should I do in between sessions?

For the first week you should do no more than walking and stretching (there is a stretching manual available on the community site), this is because your body needs to repair from the tough workouts, plus that repair and re-growth phase is what ramps up your metabolism!

If after the first week  you can add extra sessions in if you wish, recovery runs can be great to help muscles and also boost wellbeing.



Q - Do you receive nutritional advice too?

A - Yeah you receive a fantastic nutrition guide and there’s loads of advice and tips given along the way via the community site.


Q - When and where is the boot camp held?

A - The sessions are held in an indoor or outdoor location.  The sessions are 45 minutes long and the times vary, check out www.fatblastbootcamp.co.uk/joinus for times.


Q - What happens if it rains, are the sessions cancelled?

A - Not a chance, whatever the weather we'll be there!! However with our studio we have the advantage of being able to go indoors and outdoors so it really doesn't matter about the weather.  We will try to accommodate however if conditions are really poor - i.e. send a workout to complete at home.


Q - Can I bring a friend to boot camp?

A - Yes of course, we hold a free trial week so that your friends can get a taste of the programme that’s given you your fantastic new body!!


Q - What happens at the end of boot camp?

A - You can use your programme to continue the fantastic results at home, you'll achieve such great results that no doubt you'll want to come back for more! 


Q- If I buy the (your location) boot camp can I attend the other locations if I miss sessions? 


Missed sessions really should be avoided at all costs because the camp works in a progressive way so if you were to miss a session on the (your camp) for example and you were in your first week of camp and to make up for it you attended a different location and they were in their final week – you would feel it and you wouldn’t necessarily get good results! It’s important to stick with the camp that you have signed up for and it may be possible to do add on sessions at the other camps, though you must contact Debbie@fablastbootcamp.co.uk or call 07834169221 to request permission to do this.


Q – Can I pay my Camp Instructor cash/cheque to attend the next camp?

This is not possible, all sign ups must be done online via the website for first time camp members www.fatblastbootcamp.co.uk and for members they can choose one of our membership options which are available on the community site, the forms are available on their specific group.   If for some reason this is not possible please contactDebbie@fatblastbootcamp.co.uk or call 07834169221 to discuss a solution.


(Instructor NOTE – be aware that accepting payments from members is not authorised and if your members wish to discuss this further please direct them to me)


Q - What happens if I recommend someone and they sign up?

A - We have a great referrals system, be sure that the person mentions you when they sign up and you will receive your bonus.  If you refer one person you will get on the next camp for half price, refer 2 people and you will get on the next camp for free, if you have chosen to pay by monthly payments you will receive a cheque for those referrals once they have completed their month on the camp.

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