24 Apr 2019

Let's talk hormones and taking charge of your health and fitness

Since having my son Dexter I've had a few issues regarding my hormones, mental health and monthly cycle, I speak of this openly because I like to show you that I too have struggles when it comes to overall...

4 Jan 2019

Often diet and weight loss can be difficult, there's so much conflicting advice out there:

High carb low fat, low carb high fat, paleo, keto, 5/2, elimination, etc. each person is different and will get different results from each plan because 'one mans food is another...

24 Aug 2018

We all know that exercise is great for us right? But did you know theres an added bonus to getting outdoors for your training sessions?  Your exercise time each day might be an ideal time for you to get out in the sunshine, get some vitamin D and reconnect with the nat...

18 Jul 2018

27/4/2016 0 COMMENTS

6 Reasons You Should Take a Cold Shower!

I often take cold showers, especially when my shower is playing up! One time when the kids had been playing hide and seek, one of them had knocked off the hot water switch and it was left off all night meaning...

17 Jul 2018

Is Stress Making You Fat?

I’m writing this not only to help you but also to reiterate the information to myself and drill it into my head so that I also follow the advice too! Sometimes we all need a little reminder – kick up the a**e in some cases!

Throughout the years...

22 Feb 2018

If you're thinking of joining the Boot Camp here are some golden nuggets for you to follow to get the best results: 

One - follow the nutrition

This is without a doubt the leading factor when it comes to getting the results that we do.  Your body finds it very diffi...

14 Feb 2018

Do you wake up on a daily basis, look in the mirror and wish you were slimmer? Had a firmer bottom? Bigger breasts? Less Cellulite or anything else?

If you answered yes to this question, it's certainly not uncommon and if you're feeling like this now then maybe i...

9 Feb 2018

If you're starting out on a new fitness programme, such as our boot camp, after the first couple of sessions muscles will be sore and moving around might be a bit limited.  This is caused by a process called DOMS which means Delayed, onset, muscle, soreness.  Basically...

30 Jan 2018

Over my years in working in the fitness industry I have noticed that there is a lot of women who are afraid of doing weights, especially heavy weights, in fear of bulking up.

Let me assure you that it is incredibly hard for women to bulk up the way that men do because...

12 Dec 2017

One of my Clients recently asked me ‘how can I stop my sugar cravings’.  After thinking about it, I came up with several reasons for sugar cravings, some are more obvious than others but each one may plat their own parts, here I’m going to share the most common reasons...

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