North Yorkshire's Leading Boot Camp - The Fat Blast Boot Camp is making a come back!


Ladies of Richmond and Catterick, who wants to be a dress size smaller and up to a stonelighter in 28 days, guaranteed? 

Some people when they hear the name of the boot camp, jump to the conclusion that it's not for them  or they're embarrassed to sign up due to the 'fat blast' name - let me clear things up a little.  On our boot camp, we focus on building lean muscle which in turn blasts unwanted body fat much quicker helping you tone up and look fantastic - hence the name Fat Blast Boot camp.


Go on answer the following honestly, how sick and tired are you of.....


  • Those stubborn areas that you can't shift the fat from.


  • Feeling self-conscious with how your body looks and feels


  • Your clothes being too tight.


  • Unwanted body fat around your stomach and thighs.


  • Diets that are difficult to stick to.


  • Your stress hormones going crazy, making you store fat on your stomach.


  • The never-ending trap of "I'll workout Tomorrow"


  • The jeans you want to wear no longer fit.


  • Not feeling attractive or sexy with how you look and feel inside.


  • Unfriendly meat market gyms.


Stop And Think About This For A Minute!


Can you picture how strong, toned and healthy you're going to look and feel, now that you no longer have to struggle with:


  •     Diets that don't seem to work


  •     Wasting away hours with boring workouts


  •     Not having the time for yourself to get the body you truly deserve


  •     The same repetitive cardio workout that doesn't make you lose weight


  •     Not having someone on your side to push you beyond what you thought possible



"You'd better drop a dress size or we won't keep a penny!"


If, after the boot camp program you have followed all of the advice and attended 12 boot camp sessions and you haven't dropped a dress size let us know and we'll offer you a full re-fund no questions asked! Now ask does your local Gym offer that kind of guarantee?


Are You Ready?


  • Yes! I'm ready to quit impossible diets and boring workouts!

  • Yes! I'm ready to fit into my "skinny" jeans!

  • Yes! I'm ready to "Shut Down" my fat hormones!

  • Yes! I'm ready for new and exciting workouts!

  • Yes! I'm ready to say no to boring gym workouts and dull classes!

  • Yes! I'm ready for results or my money back!

  • Yes! I'm ready to get pushed and motivated!

Okay, I'm ready to register... lets get started!


What's Included?

3 x 45 minute sessions per week, I charge over £50 per hour for Personal Training, value in excess of £600

Online and Telephone support from Leading Personal Trainer, Debbie - Priceless!

Nutritional Advice, shopping lists and Recipes, value £50

Camaraderie, meeting new people and making friends - priceless!

Bonus workouts and Motivational Music so that you can workout at home - £69

Drop a dress size in 28 days - guaranteed or your money back!

Personal training results at the fraction of the cost!

Discount on our Future camps

All this value of over £700 and what's the cost of the boot camp?

Just £97! Saving you over £600!

Are you Ready to sign up?

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